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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your solution work?

I can’t answer that or else I would be giving away all my work – my Intellectual Property, and then it would most likely be stolen.

How do we know that you acutally have the solution?

Basically you don’t, it’s kind of similar to the first question.  You can look at all the evidences and background information that I have found, researched and prepared, to give you a much better idea, and confidence in what I am claiming.

How can we know that this problem does actually exist?

Simply jump online and Google something like “Shipping Containers Lost Overboard”  I will provide a page with links.  Another answer to this question is…. they don’t really publish these statistics as it dosen’t really make them look good.  From my research, I have found that it is far more common that most realise.  We hear about the large catostrophic losses as they make the mainstream news, the Rena in Tauranga for example, we a complete write-off, with 1,368 containers onboard became grounded, and many tonnes of the heavy fuel oil and diesel oil started to pollute the local environment.