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2009 Brisbane Australia
Pacific Adventurer
31 container’s overboard
270 tonnes fuel oil leak

This ship ran into rough seas. 

It was heading from Sydney to Brisbane, Australia.

On board, 31 Dangerous Goods containers, with worn out and in-sufficient lashings (securing) for this load.

During the cyclone, these containers were lost overboard, they punctured the hull of the ship causing over 270 tonnes of fuel oil to leak out and pollute the local ocean and beach environments.

This was avoidable, but can still happen again – without my solution.

News footage 1

News footage 2

News footage 3


In this case, there were far more consequences than normal.

1. Immense clean up operation of all contaminated environmental features.

2. Wildlife casualties and sufferings.

3. A ticking time bomb, those Dangerous Goods containers were not retrieved, and they still lie at the bottom of the ocean where they fell!

4. Loss of tourist revenue to the local economy.

5. Insufficient finances from the owners leaving the local Govt out of pocket from the clean up efforts.

6. Bad P.R. for the industry, the shipping owners, and Australia.